Get records including

  • Inmate locations at any jail or prison in the country
  • Correctional identification numbers for any inmate
  • The inmate's current status, whether incarcerated or released
  • The inmate's sentence and conviction
  • Prior incarcerations at any jail or prison
  • The inmate's scheduled release date

Search for inmate records from the following agencies:

  • Jails & Prisons

    Jails and Prisons maintain records on current and former inmates, making them valuable sources of information for an inmate search. The inmate records at Jails and Prisons are available to the public. Inmate records contain information on a criminal's conviction and sentence, the facility where an inmate is incarcerated, and release dates. Many Jails and Prisons at the county, state, and federal level provide online inmate search tools.

  • Sheriff Departments

    The Sheriff's Department can be a valuable resource for performing an inmate search. In many locations, the Sheriff runs the county jail, and the Sheriff's Office maintains records on current and former inmates. The Sheriff's Office can perform inmate searches, which contain information on the facility housing the prisoner, the release date, and the court that charged the prisoner. Some Sheriff's Offices provide online inmate search tools.